Huggies Pull Ups Night Time Potty Training Pants Girls Large 12 pieces,16 - 23kg

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    Huggies pull-ups potty training pants. Unlike nappies, specifically designed to help make potty training easier. Pull up pants, just like real underwear. Extra absorbency for overnight protection. Fun Disney designs that toddlers love to wear. Re-sealable easy-open sides - makes them easier to remove in case of accidents (even with clothes on!). Wetness indicator fades to signal wet from dry. Closest nappies size 5. HUGGIES Pull-Ups Night Time potty training pants make potty training more fun and easier! Here's how: 1. I SLEEP from the very beginning of a little one's potty training journey, it is important to be consistent. With extra absorbency for increased protection; they ensure your little one stays dry during the night without having to revert back to nappies. 2. I DO unlike nappies, the soft stretchy sides help toddlers practice pulling them up and down, just like real undies. 3. I SEE unique Disney designs that toddlers love to wear also fade when wet encouraging them to stay dry. 4. HUGGIES Pull-Ups potty training pants are also available in a Day-Time variant. The special blue learning layers allows toddlers to feel wetness for a few moments, before quickly drawing the moisture away. That way they learn wet and dry and can ultimately stay dry on their own

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